Some of the Writings of Martin A. Schell



Awakening the Butterfly (December 2019)

Academic Journals

The Journal of Gemmology:

"Towards a mathematical gemmology: Thinking in terms of ratios makes a difference" (Volume 23, Issue 7, 1993)

Lead forum article for World Englishes:

"Colinguals among bilinguals" (Volume 27, Issue 1, February 2008)

Economic development

Cover story for Strategic Review Indonesia:

"The SemBako Of Indonesian Village Commerce" (April 2018)

Cultural perspectives

Word Press blog:

"Dune: Will the Audience Get Lost in the Sands of Time?" (April 2022)

"Can a solid Foundation lead to a weak first story?" (December 2021)

"Mars Hoopla: Manifest Destiny in Outer Space?" (July 2021)

"Quentin Tarantino: Alternate History? or Parallel World?" (December 2020)

"The Garden of Forking Paths: A Loop of Redemption?" (March 2020)

"Is the Star Trek Reboot Racist?" (November 2019)

Social commentary

For City Journal:

"Why We Don't Eat Matzah All Year Long" (April 2022)

For Front Porch Republic:

A Primer on Digital Thinking

"Part 1: Counting and Measuring" (August 2018)

"Part 2: Eliminating the Human Element" (September 2018)

"Part 3: Rise of the Robots?" (October 2019)

Op Ed commentary

For Jakarta Globe:

"Nationalism is a Two-Way Street" (May 26, 2015)

"Indonesia Should Find Its Own Educational Path" (February 26, 2015)

For Jerusalem Post:

"A matter of land, not religion" (October 9, 2013)

Business advice

For Competitiveness at the Frontier (USAID newsletter):

"Not Your Factory, But Still Your Problem" (February 2009)

Global English

"Beyond Localization: The Rising Importance of Global English" (Summer 2010, article in National Language Service Corps newsletter)

"How to Write English as a Global Language" (March 2009, second of two articles at

"Beyond Localization: The Rising Importance of Global English" (February 2009, first of two articles at

"Beyond Localization: A New Look at Disseminating Information via the Web" (chapter in Handbook of Research on Global Information Technology, edited by Michael Raisinghani)

"Developing a Global Perspective for Knowledge Management" (chapter in Information and Communication Technologies for Economic and Regional Developments, edited by Hakikur Rahman)

"How to Globalize Online Course Content" (chapter in Globalized e-Learning Cultural Challenges, edited by Andrea Edmundson)

Globally Speaking: A New Approach to Global Communication (series of six articles co-authored with David W. Paul)

"Global English: Writing English as a Global Language" (November 2000, article originally published at

"Use Global English on the World Wide Web" (March 2000, article at

Book reviews

For Asia Times:

Richard Arndt's First Resort of Kings (June 23, 2007)

Braj Kachru's Asian Englishes (January 28, 2006)


36 books on a variety of topics

Reflections published on this web site

Understanding Natural Symbols (exploration of color symbolism and five element theory)

Understanding and Misunderstanding Ripple by the Grateful Dead (review of their official video uploaded Dec 2020)

The Saragossa Manuscript (detailed outline of the movie's plot with some pages of commentary)

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