Consulting Services

We have been present full-time in East Asia (Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia) since 1984.

The course of life experience has enabled us to offer three types of services:

1. Due Diligence

Primary research for prospective market penetration, supported by on-the-ground awareness of business practices and a wide network of acquaintances.

2. Intercultural Coaching

A solid combination of sensitivity and savvy, based on intimate knowledge of the grassroots of several distinct Asian cultures.

3. Globally Understood English

A broad understanding of how to use English as a global language. It is particularly important to streamline syntax and vocabulary when writing for the world wide web.

Our web content editing service is especially beneficial for two types of clients:

We also write original documents, edit documents that have been translated into English, and edit documents before they are translated from English into other languages.

Our FAQ page on localization and globalization addresses some key issues involved in making text accessible to a worldwide readership.

Our language consulting is based on a careful give-and-take between writer (or translator) and editor, in order to produce text that clearly reflects the writer's intent.

In addition, we coach oral presentation, advising how to give a speech, instructions and so forth. This includes developing your awareness of rhythm, pacing, and emphasis.

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