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Our diverse experience in the fields of business, translation, and education in several countries has made us experts in the use of English as a global language. We work with people whose English fluency ranges from beginner to native, helping them to produce clear, globally understood English ("Global English").

Our language consulting is based on a careful give-and-take between writer (or translator) and editor, in order to produce text that clearly reflects the writer's intent. The following outline provides a brief overview of the principal services that we offer.

1. Editing

    a. Editing translations that have been made from another language into English. Typical documents include marketing materials, news articles, academic papers, software manuals, and instructions for using equipment.

    b. Editing an English-language speech or report that was written by someone who is not a native English speaker.

    c. Globalizing an English document to streamline its vocabulary and syntax. This means that we edit a document produced by a native English speaker, or we write the original document. There are two main purposes:

        (1) To prepare the document for translation into one or more languages. For more information, go to our web page about Editing A Document Before Translating It.

        (2) To present the document to a global audience. For information about the importance of using Global English on the world wide web, visit Universal Web.

2. Coaching

    a. Coaching oral presentation: advising how to give a speech, instructions/directions, or criticism/praise in an Asian culture. Developing awareness of rhythm, pacing, and emphasis.

    b. Improving intercultural communication skills: enhancing awareness of human differences and similarities in order to move from ethnocentricity to a global outlook. Coaching new arrivals in Indonesia.

    c. Providing advice about specialized topics as needed.

For fees and other information, email us.

We also do voiceovers for multimedia presentations (slides, videos, etc.).

Yankee English Services is a division of American Services In Asia

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